What is MagSafe Charging?

What is MagSafe Charging?

What is MagSafe Charging?

MagSafe is a new magnetic charging system for iPhone 12/13. It was originally designed for the MacBook to avoid injury or damage to the laptop.

The MagSafe charging system uses small magnetic blocks around the iPhone 12/13's charging coil. These blocks can sense other MagSafe accessories and attach tightly without worrying about other magnets. It is very safe.

Before MagSafe, wireless charging based on the Qi charging protocol was common. The user only needs to put the mobile phone on the wireless charger to start charging. However, this technology has limitations. For example, it cannot be used while charging.

MagSafe is a magnetic wireless charging system. Unlike previous wireless charging, the MagSafe charger is firmly attached to the phone. This technology is likely to prompt Apple to eliminate the charging port in the near future.

Snap your iPhone to a MagSafe charger and get up to 15 watts of power. The magnetic force aligns the iPhone and MagSafe charger perfectly, eliminating the need to double-check that the iPhone is in the exact position. The adsorption force is very strong, even if you shake the charger, the iPhone will not fall, and the user can use the mobile phone while charging.

If you don't have an iPhone 12/13, you can still use MagSafe.

For example, you can use a MagSafe charger on an iPhone 11. DUZZONA has made some magnetic expansion sheets for iPhone 8 or later models. They are only 2mm thick. You can use MagSafe technology with or without a case. Even if you don't change your phone, you can still enjoy the convenience of new technology!

The MagSafe era has arrived.

Use MagSafe to charge your phone while you brush your teeth in the morning. Use it to navigate while driving. Use it to pay at the store. When you go to bed, snap your phone to the wireless charger on your nightstand to quickly charge it.

Apple’s MagSafe technology makes things simple and easy to integrate into our lives. Since the launch of MagSafe, Apple has launched a series of compatible accessories on their official website, including cases, card sleeves and batteries. Other companies have also launched MagSafe accessories!

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